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Mystical Mama is a place for people who want more "woo woo" in their lives.

Mystical Mama Blog

I'm not an expert in parenting or the mystical for that matter. My blog is simply a place for me to share the things I've seen, tried, learned. This is only the start of the conversation.

Mystical Guide

Coming in 2021!

Do you ever feel really interested in the woo woo but don't know what's out there for you? Explore all the amazing ways to connect with the universe and flow with positive energy.


About The Mystical Mama

Stepheni Mendez created Mystical Mama as a way to connect mystically-minded parents with the things that resonate with them. A product designer by trade, she became interested in the tarot and decided to dive into learning how to read cards. During her journey, she became aware of many mystical topics. Exploring past lives, lunar and astrological awareness, and other forms of divination became a significant part of her life.

After opening her soul to the amazing vibrations of the universe, Stepheni began to be aware of all the ways she could apply her newfound knowledge and peace in her career, parenting, and daily life.

Mystical Mama was born out of Stepheni's desire to share the fantastic new ways she is discovering to dive into the divine.

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